Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. Assimil has a range of courses available in a variety of languages, but is geared primarily towards French speakers.

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It publishes several different series, their most popular being Sans Peine or With Ease. The Assimil Sans Peine courses are a combination of dialogue-based texts and audio where you learn by working through passive and active stages. In the passive stage you complete the lessons by reading and listening. While in the active stage you not only listen to and read the lessons, but attempt to translate the dialogues on your own.

So is it still a relevant learning tool? In the past, I have used Assimil to study languages I already had a foundation in — Chinese and Croatian.

So for this review I decided to take on the challenge of studying a language in which I was a beginner: Korean.

I had dabbled in the language, but my Korean reading was precarious at best, my vocabulary extremely limited and my understanding of grammar non-existent. The courses are available in language combinations, although only 16 of these are for English speakers while 49 are for French speakers. I really like that both the audio and book are available as a complete package, especially because the audio is directly related to the text.

Each book includes a thorough introduction to the language with tips on pronunciationthe writing system if there is one, and general features of the language.

assimil review

Following the introduction, the course dives right in. While I could have slowly worked my way through Korean texts, I really appreciated having the transliteration printed below the dialogues so that I could focus on speaking and listening comprehension, rather than my reading skills. Each chapter includes a brief dialogue although these grow longer as you progress and notes on content.

Together with the translation that conveys the meaning of the text, a literal translation is included so that you get a feel for word order and vocabulary without needing vocabulary lists or grammar exercises.

assimil review

The lessons intentionally avoid going into great depth on grammarinstead offering a collection of simple dialogues with detailed footnotes on rules as they appear as well as notes on the culture tied to the language.

I personally work through the lessons, reading the dialogues out loud before shadowing them once more along with the audio. I can then go back and review what I need with the text. This approach works well for my learning style, but I could understand why other learners might not be a fan of the series. The strengths of the Assimil method definitely lie in the way it offers context for what it teaches rather than word lists or grammar exercises isolated from how the language functions in day-to-day life.

Through the course, I learned words and phrases that were incredibly useful and applicable to daily conversations. These included:. I really like that Assimil jumps right in and skips the laborious introductions that span several chapters in other courses.

But this also means that depending on the learner and depending on the language, the usefulness of the material in the books really varies. Overall, the language in the texts is relatively formal. Personally, I prefer this. I would rather be overly formal than rudely informal. Especially with a language like Korean where honorifics are important. Assimil claim that their Sans Peine series will take learners to the B2 level according to the CEFR scale and that their Perfectionnement series will get you to the C1 level.

An In-Depth assimil review by Zach

In terms of vocabulary, it was not as thorough as I would like from a course that works through so many levels. For most learners, this is fine because relying on just one course or learning tool to teach you a language is never a good strategy, but it could be deceiving for those expecting an all-in-one language resource. I will say this: Because the Sans Peine course gets to B2 level in about 71 lessons, they quickly grow challenging. The introductions and basic pleasantries were not as in-depth as I would have expected for a course aimed at beginners.

There are some phrases that fall into this category, but the course quickly shifts into situational and culture-related dialogues. The one thing that I would really love to see added to the series would be additional relevant phrases at the end of each chapter. These could be phrases that might fit into the example dialogue and they would serve two beneficial purposes.

One, you could role play and swap out some of the phrases so you really get to maximise the dialogues in the book.The first mentioned course is divided into two volumes and in total there are 99 Japanese lessons included in them. The first volume of this course includes 49 lessons and it follows passive phase.

The second volume contains additional 50 lessons and they follow active phase. This means that in addition to reading and repeating you will also need to complete workouts, which will improve your learning efficiency.

Assimil Review: An Honest Look at the Assimil Language Learning System

When you will progress with these lessons you will soon notice that their difficulty increase gradually. What I mean by that is that conversations will become more complex with each lesson and the speed of audios will increase also.

These conversations are quite practical and lively since they cover everyday events and situations in Japan. It is also worthwhile to mention that after each 6 lessons there will be also a review lesson, which will include more detailed explanations.

As it was mentioned previously Assimil also offers a course for learners who want to learn basics of Japanese writing system. Characters in this book are presented in the order that they appear throughout the two volumes of Japanese with Easeso it is very convenient to use these books in combination.

In general it can be said that Assimil courses have very positive feedback from its users. When it comes to downsides most learners suggest that Assimil is not the best course to learn conversational Japanese quickly.

Read a few actual consumer reviews of Assimil Japanese course bellow. For more consumer reviews of Assimil Japanese, visit Amazon page here. If you consider yourself a serious Japanese learner who can dedicate at least 30 minutes of their time daily, you can greatly benefit from Assimil course.

An Honest and Thorough Review of Assimil

Also in each lesson of this course you can learn quite a lot of new Japanese words, which is a great benefit over courses that teach limited new vocabulary. For the same reason it might be a bit more difficult to find where to buy these courses in case you live in USA. Find Assimil Japanese courses on Amazon. Be sure to check my post on the best programs for learning Japanese. It provides a list of the most popular and best rated online courses for studying this language and also lists their main advantages and disadvantages.I know, a strange place to start learning Chinese.

This book was hugely popular and very common among Europeans learning Chinese. This book was originally written in French so, whilst very good, there will be some translation errors throughout. Will these small errors get in the way of your Chinese language learning? Honestly, probably not. This is the natural process through which you learned your own language. With lively dialogues, simple notes, and practical exercises, the Assimil method will bring you to a level where you can converse comfortably.

Assimil was founded in ! The lessons are absorbable. They are really small, compact and Assimil includes a lot of explanation, not just for each dialogue, but even for the practice exams. The basic sounds are included with the CD or mp3 version.

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Get whatever one makes sense to you but drill those sounds from the beginning. The chinglish explanations are excellent. They restructure the sentences in the format that Chinese use so you can get to grips with their sentence structures.

That helps me to see how Chinese express themselves. This promise is a bit overblown, you can get quite good at Chinese. Fluent is just a few months is pretty far-fetched. Read this article to find out why. But of course, the progress you make, all depends on the effort you put in. That might make your brain explode though. If you want to compare the Assimil language learning method with Living Language Chinese, check out this video where I review it. Want more book reviews from me? Click here for my comprehensive list of the best books to learn Chinese.

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A quick and important disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I recommend them because they are helpful and useful. Your email address will not be published. Passive phase. Active phase. Once you are halfway through the course you will know enough to go onto the active phase As you learn each new lesson you will also review an earlier one, following their instructions, and translate the dialogue from English to Chinese.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Want to handle everyday tasks more easily?Dialogues with minor grammatical explanations in footnotes.

Audio, entirely in the target language, is included. This series enables beginners to acquire an average vocabulary of 2, to 3, words, learn the basic grammar rules, and gain a command of everyday conversation. Assimil is available, on the whole, in more than languages, although if you are a native English speaker you will only be able to purchase the books in 10 different languages.

Assimil is focused on learning whole sentences, for an organic learning of the grammar.

Learning Spanish in a Month with Assimil

It begins with a long passive phase of only reading and listening, and eventually adds active exercises. Each lesson includes a short dialogue, getting progressively longer throughout the book, written in the target language, together with a translation after each dialogue, as well as short exercises to test your comprehension.

You are recommended to spend as much time on each lesson as needed and to review them every once in a while. Generally speaking, though, going through one lesson should take you anywhere from one to three days.

As you follow through the dialogues, you listen to the audio and read through. Besides all this, here are a few additional reasons I think this method deserves serious consideration:. Any downsides?

Nevertheless, here are a few minor things that I could point out:. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Available in 10 languages offered for English speakers learning another language, and many more for French and other European language speakers. Type of method Dialogues with minor grammatical explanations in footnotes. So what is it, how do you use it, and why do I recommend it? Brief Overview. How Does It Work?

Besides all this, here are a few additional reasons I think this method deserves serious consideration: The strength of Assimil truly lies in the fact that you get to understand how the language works without any lengthy grammatical explanations. The grammatical concepts are presented at you through practical conversations, and you get to read short explanations about these concepts after having actually seen them used in actual conversations, which I think is really important.

So if you are the type of person who has been traumatized by long verb tables and endless grammatical rules at school, this might be the exact fit for you. Since the method also tries to use as little English as possible, it gets you to think in the foreign language as soon as possible.

You learn words from context. Forget about long vocabulary lists to memorize. Assimil has no such thing. Every single word you learn comes from the actual dialogues. The lessons are short enough to be studied within an hour more or lessso they are easily digestible chunks of information. This makes it easier for you to divide your study time and to focus on one step at a time.

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Although there are some black and white cartoons included in most lessons, there are no shiny colorful pictures. If you are the type of person who really enjoys pictures, diagrams, photos and other such things, you might be disappointed by Assimil on that side.

The dialogues do not have names of people, they are only numbered.

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Assimil is very popular in Europe, but still not that widespread in North America. This can pose some minor problems in terms of accessibility i. Amazon does sell most of the Assimil series available for English speakers, though, so check it out if you are interested to purchase the method.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Assimil courses tend to be more popular in Europe since they are being released by French based company. If we would compare Assimil to other language learning courses, it can be said that its teaching approach is quite different. This way learners are able to notice patterns in a new language on their own.

This approach is useful, because Italian words are not being taken out of context. Additionally learners are able to see how this language is being used in full conversations. Of course, this also means that it might take more time to learn essential Italian words and phrases. Each lesson of Assimil contains a short dialogue in Italian.

Besides there is also a translation of this conversation in English provided on the other side of the page. In addition to that there are also some notes provided in each lesson. They will explain grammar rules and new concepts that are being used in these dialogues. It can be said that these series are aimed at complete beginners of Italian. One quite unique feature of Assimil method is that there are two different phases of this course. The first half of the book follows a passive phase.

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The second half of the book follows active phase. In addition to listening and reading you will also need to complete exercises and there are reviews provided on the previous material. So it can be said that active phase is a bit more challenging.

It can help to boost your general studying efficiency and retention. If you will spend time reading user reviews of Assimil Italian, you would find mostly positive feedback.

Most learners compliment this program, because it teaches phrases and words that are practical. Hence you can start taking part in conversations quite quickly.

Also most people are happy about the price of this program since it includes quite a lot of material to study from.

One of the most commonly mentioned drawback of this course is that provided notes at the end of a lesson are not sufficient to learn Italian grammar properly.

So you would either need supplementary material or previous Italian learning experience.Since Assimil courses are developed by a company based in France, this method tends to be more popular in Europe. Teaching method of Assimil was first developed in and today there are courses available for quite a lot of languages, which are rated highly by most learners.

There are a total of lessons included in this part together with exercises and short notes on grammar. Based on Assimil, learners can expect to achieve B2 level at French by finishing this part of the course. It is also worthwhile to mention that most Assimil With Ease series tend to introduce about vocabulary, which is also the case with French language.

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In addition to regular lessons and translation workouts this part also includes summary on irregular verbs. Assimils method of teaching new language is combined of book reading and listening of accompanying cd. Book in this course is quite tiny so it is convenient to carry it anywhere you go and study on the move. Each lesson in this course includes a dialogue in French that covers some sort of everyday situation and also there is translation in English on other page too.

To make learning more efficient Assimil also includes short notes that explain grammar rules or other concepts that were used in the dialogues. Unlike most other courses who try to divide new language into smaller parts, Assimil introduces full French sentences so that learners would be able to learn both language structure and grammar organically.

The main benefit of this method is that separate words are never taken out of context and users of this course are able to see examples of how they can be used in different situations.

The other unique aspect of Assimil is that its lessons in this course are divided into passive and active phase.

On overall it can be said that Assimil French courses have very positive feedback from its users. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Assimil French course bellow.

It is definitely worthwhile to consider these courses for learners who want to expand their French vocabulary a lot or understand how this language is structured. On the other hand it might be worthwhile to consider alternative French courses for learners who need to learn survival phrases fast, who lack self-motivation to study further or simply need more features while studying games, flashcards, social features and etc. Due to this it might be necessary to go through the same lessons a few times in order to keep retention rate high.

In case you live outside of Europe, Assimil French courses might be a bit less available for purchase in local stores. Despite that it is possible to order both parts of this course for English speakers online on websites like Amazon or EBay. Prices for Assimil French courses vary from 60 to USD depending on which version you will choose.

Find Assimil French courses on Amazon website. Skip to content. About Assimil French Courses. How Does Assimil Method Work? By using this course learners can learn grammar and improve their French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Instead you will be able to see how separate words are being used through different examples; In general Assimil French courses are not too difficult to follow.

So if you need to learn French quickly for traveling purposes other courses might be more suitable for you; As it was mentioned earlier translation exercises in Assimil only start in active phase of this course. This is definitely not sufficient to keep retention rate high when studying French via this course. Summary of a Review.

assimil review

Where to buy Assimil French Courses?If you live in the US, you might not have heard of it. I have no idea why though, as this is the best language course I have used and more people should know about it.

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You might be wondering what makes this course so special. Assimil teaches you in a way that is unique, but very effective. Basically, the method of learning is like this: listen to the audio, repeat what is being said and read along — then afterwards, go back and read the translation on the right side. The first section of every lesson is laid out with the target language dialog on the left and the English translation on the right. Assimil focuses more on teaching you whole sentences instead of grammar rules.

This helps to teach you grammar naturally. The sentences you learn are usable everyday conversation sentences too, not just tourist phrases. After lesson 50, you begin the active phase where you begin to do exercises. There are usually a total of lessons in each course.

Assimil works, plain and simple. Whether you are a visual or audio learner, you will find great use and be amazed at what it can do for you. You can expect to come out of an Assimil course knowing a lot of the language and how it works. If you do one lesson a day, you should only spend around 3 months going through it. I would recommend, however, going over the same lesson two times on separate days before moving on. This will help solidify what you learned. Each lesson usually takes me an hour, but I go over the audio multiple times.

Before investing into any language learning program it is always wise to check to see what real life users think of it and if it is really useful. When doing an assimil reviewwe feel the best place is to check the online marketplace. You can look for it at Amazon, where books and CDs for several languages are available. Is it worth the money? You bet. Compared to other courses, that is dirt cheap. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn a language and have no problem promoting it.

They did a fantastic job with this product and hope to continue to see future language products from them. How does Assimil work? What to Anticipate: You might be asking yourself, does this actually work and how long will it take to complete? Real Life Reviews: Before investing into any language learning program it is always wise to check to see what real life users think of it and if it is really useful.

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